By supporting us as a volunteer, you join over 40 others who give us their time and skills.

Our work could not happen without volunteers.  Their support helps increase awareness and understanding of brain injury and its consequences, along with providing the necessary support to those with brain injury and their families, to help them attain the highest possible quality of life.

Because we value our volunteers so much, we want to make volunteering a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone.

"100% of our Independence & Wellbeing Centre Service Users think that the Volunteering Team helps their enjoyment and level of participation."

Volunteers are essential to the provision of quality services at Headway Cardiff.

We have a team of around 30 volunteers who help at the Independence & Wellbeing Centre throughout the week, a further 10 help in our social and activities groups and our Board of 10 Trustees who all give of their time and expertise freely.

 The main *volunteer roles are:

·        Support Volunteer

·        Social Group Volunteer

·        Activites Group Volunteer

Please get in touch for an informal chat with our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Kathryn Jones. volunteers@headwaycardiff.org.uk or 02920 577707.

We welcome people from all sections of the community.

Come and find out what we are all about – no obligation!

Rebecca Pearce
Chief Executive                                                                                                      

“Thank you very much, I had an amazing time volunteering this month and it really helped with making some decisions about my future. 


"Without the fantastic group of volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service or help the people we need to. Volunteers are so important to the daily running of Headway; they are the glue that holds us together. I’m always amazed with the time and energy that the volunteers commit to Headway, assisting in unlocking individuals potential. However, volunteering is a two-way street, it gives individuals an enormous sense of job satisfaction, pride and a sense of achievement, making a huge difference to people’s lives."

Matthew Hillard, Indepdence & Wellbeing Centre Manager

“I became a Headway volunteer about 15 years ago, and the fact that I am still there shows how rewarding and enjoyable it is. There is always great support from the staff, so you never feel out of your depth. Apart from the satisfaction volunteers gain from helping service users fulfil their potential and improve their quality of life, it is quite simply fun to take part in the activities and make friends with everyone there. Whether you volunteer for a short time or long term, I guarantee you will gain a great deal from the experience, both in terms of personal development and pleasure.”

Pauline Watson, Headway Cardiff Volunteer

*The roles of Support Volunteer and Social Group Volunteer require a Disclosure and Barring Service check. You will also be required to provide two referees.

Headway Cardiff volunteers should work within Headway Cardiff’s Code of Conduct and follow relevant policies.