Phil's Story

Phil was born in 1952 and lives in Abertillery with his wife Jackie






What happened to me

In 2005 I was run over by a car and spent 4 months in hospital.

Impact on family

My family now has to look after me and my wife and carer have to do the things that I used to do.

Impact on me

I have really low moods and a bad memory.  I now have to walk with a stick and sometimes say things without thinking first and I can hurt people’s feelings.


I used to be a lorry driver and luckily I am still able to drive, which means I can still get out and about relatively well.

How Headway Cardiff has helped

Coming to the day centre has helped me a huge amount. I have made new friends and I am learning computer skills and doing activities that I wouldn’t otherwise.  It really helps my mood.

What the future holds

I intend to live my life as best I can!