Changes to ESA Assessments

07 October 2016

Re- Tests for Chronically Sick to be Axed

Reforms to ESA are being proposed by Damian Green, Works and Pension Secretary. One of these is that people with chronic illness will not have to be retested which you can read about here.

Rebecca Pearce, CEO of Headway Cardiff writes: I really want us to campaign to make sure this includes people with serious disability as a result of brain injury. I’ve emailed the minister but it would be really help if you would too and also your local MP. Here is a template that you might find useful. You can adapt this and send it on.

Damian Green’s email is . You can find out who your local MP is and their contact email here  when you enter your postcode. If you do email them can you copy me in? My email address is

Let’s all work together to try to bring about some positive change.