Kerry's Story

Kerry was born in 1972 and lives in Barry with her parents and 2 teenage sons





What happened to me

In January 2009 I was out walking my dog with my little niece through a field when a horse reared up and kicked me in the head. Luckily, my niece was unharmed as I had managed to push her out of the way.

I sustained a severe brain injury and was in hospital for 10 months.

Impact on my family

Major! I and my 2 sons had to go and live with my parents and rent out my own home.

Impact on self

It took 3 years for me to come to terms with the changes in me and the difficulties I now have. I can only walk short distances with my stick, otherwise I have to use a chair.  I hate it when people ignore me and talk to the person pushing the wheelchair as if I am not there!  I want to wave a flag and say "Here I am".


I still have my sense of humour and there are many things I can still do for myself.

How Headway Cardiff has helped

Talking and asking people about their experiences.  The activities and games have helped with my confidence and I feel that I can do things now.

What the future holds

I will be looking for more activities to try.