Justin's Story


Justin was born in 1977 and lives in his own house, with support, in Cardiff












What happened to me

When I was just 25 they discovered that I had a slow growing brain tumour that had been there since birth.  The tumour was removed a couple of years later and I spent several months in hospital and in rehab.  Unfortunately a second tumour was discovered and further treatment was required.

Impact on family

My Mum and Dad suddenly had their grown up son back living with them with a very serious illness.  They have been brilliant.  I know it must be hard for them to see their son struggle to do the things he used to do so easily and that my life is not what they hoped for me when I was young, but they have been so supportive, yet not mollycoddling me.

Impact on me

I was in a long term relationship and living away from Cardiff, but after hospital I had to return to live at home with Mum and Dad.  When I was first recovering I needed lots of physical help as my mobility was very limited.

This year (2012) I moved into my own home and am coping well with the continued support of my parents and 2 P.A’s (Personal Assistants).

I am really outgoing and like a laugh although people who are really close to me sometimes tell me I overstep the mark,  but I haven’t realized it.


I am now in my own place and I write music reviews occasionally for Buzz magazine.

I have organized 3 really successful fundraising band nights for Headway over the last 3 years.

How Headway Cardiff has helped me

Lots! My behaviour has changed so much, with recovery and guidance.  The centre staff (and volunteers!) have been a great help.

I know my parents have gone to the groups for carers quite often and they say they have got a lot out of them.

What the future holds

I want to continue to write for Buzz magazine; continue to organize the fundraiser.

They both will hopefully grow.

I’ve just started a cookery class and am enjoying it and started training to try and keep fit.