1:1 Support

Life after Brain Injury can be a long and difficult road.  Surviving the initial trauma is only the start.

Many of the more subtle neurological difficulties such as memory loss, communication and organisational skills, lack of insight, loss of motivation, depression and inappropriate behaviour only become apparent as the survivors and their families try to resume their ‘normal’ lives.

Survivors are often discharged from hospital with very little understanding of the possible effects of brain injury, or in some cases, even the knowledge that they have sustained a brain injury.  Therefore families and individuals are often ill-prepared to deal with the challenges they face.

We believe that increasing the knowledge and understanding of ABI is the first stage in coming to terms with the immense changes that have taken place.

Our Information & Outreach Officers works closely with other services to ensure people are offered information at the earliest opportunity.

The aim of the service is to:

Enable acquired brain injury survivors and their families to cope better with the devastating changes that occur following an acquired brain injury.

The Information & Outreach Officers can :

- provide information on the effects of Acquired Brain Injury

- provide emotional support

- act as a point of referral for relevant medical and social care professionals

- signpost to other organisations

- provide assistance in relation to disability benefits and other practical issues

The level and nature of the support will be determined by the person’s capacity and the complexity of the issue. In all instances the support will aim to enable and equip the person to better manage their own issues, thereby giving them more autonomy.

Support is provided by telephone, email or in person at Headway Cardiff. Home or community based visits can also be arranged.

To contact our Information & Outreach Officers telephone 07785 425913 or e-mail emily.brennan@headwaycardiff.org.uk or rhian.jones@headwaycardiff.org.uk

For further information about Acquired Brain Injury visit: