Barry Island Swim

Families Turn out for Barry Island New Year Swim

Despite the drizzle, hundreds of swimmers and supporters turned out for the traditional Barry Island New Year Swim.  Headway Cardiff, the charity supported by the event this year, had a success time raising, in total £1,440, including £678 from the beach and promenade collection.

Judith Dutton and her family were out in force to support the event - see Becci as a horse and Leighton as a dinosaur!.  Zalehka Price-Davies and all her family came along to either swim or collect..  Many other folk who come to Headway services were there as well.Steve Ryan braved the cold water!

Volunteer Holly Flynn went in for a dip and collected £158 in sponsorship. Derren Hubbard also collected sposnorship from his biking mates and brought along a whopping £248.

“The atmosphere was great and everyone was very generous,” says Fundraiser, Gill Peace, “Thank everyone who organised the event as well as all the swimmers and their supporters for making is a success.”

Thanks to ecveryoen who came along or who made a doantion.  it was well worth it.  What a way to start the year.

Donations to Headway Cardiff can be made through Mydonate