Hats for Headway Day 2018

18 May 2018

Every year we encourage people across the nation to wear a funny hat to school or work and in exchange donate £1. This year Headway Cardiff & South East Wales are using Hats for Headway to highlight the importance of wearing a cycle helmet. With the number of commuter and recreational cyclists increasing in Cardiff we believe it is imperative that the local community supports the use of cycle helmets.

Therefore, on Hats for Headway Day we are encouraging people to decorate their cycle helmet, wear it to school/work and donate £1 to Headway Cardiff and South East Wales. Your helmet, your way.

Don’t forget to share your snaps from the day across social media using #HatsforHeadway #YourhelmetYourway and mention us on Twitter: @headwaycardiff Instagram: @headway_cardiff and Facebook: Headway Cardiff.  

Looking forward to seeing lots of fantastic helmet creations!