Counselling is a 'talking therapy', of which there are several types.

Many people are unsure what a Counselling session involves and this can be offputting.

Our advice would be to try it and see.  A good counsellor will address your concerns and your expectations in the first session.  Don't be afraid to then say 'No thank you'.  Counselling is not for everyone.

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Our counselling service is available to anyone affected by acquired brain injury and is completely confidential.

Many people benefit from this type of one to one structured support, talking through issues with a qualified counsellor who has knowledge and experience of brain injury.

Our counsellors have that vital combination of Counselling expertise and the experience and understanding of the effects of ABI on the individual and their families.




The sessions are held at our offices in Rookwood Hospital by arrangement, but in some circumstances telephone counselling may be an alternative.


The full cost of each session is £45.00.

However, our aim is to provide Counselling to anyone who would benefit, not just those who are able to pay.  Therefore, in circumstances where the fee would cause financial hardship we use our discretion and ask that a small donation be made to us at the end of the run of sessions.

N.B. As our Counsellors are not permanently based at our office we ask that you provide as much notice as possible if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment for any reason.



For more information or to make an appointment please contact Lisa Lambly on 02920 577707 or