Carl's Story


Carl was born in 1966 and lives very independently in supported housing in Pontllanfraith






What hapened to me

In 2004 Carl was on a night out when 3 men assaulted him with no provocation.  He was in hospital and rehab for 4 months and then spent 5 years working with the Neuropsychiatry team in Whitchurch.

Impact on family

Tragic.  It was particularly hard on my father.

Impact on self

It hits my self-esteem.  I was in denial for 4 ½ years and I still have to have some help around the house.  Because I have a weak left side, sometimes people think I’m drunk, especially when I’m tired and I get a lot of abuse in the street.  I have taken to carrying a stick so people realise I have trouble walking and that I’m not drunk.


It has changed my outlook on life and my friends are really protective.  My personality has also changed and I am trying to be a better person.

How Headway Cardiff has helped

Socialising with people in the same situation.  I have learned to deal with situations, good and bad; about healthy eating and about how vulnerable I am and to be aware of risks. I have also begun volunteering at their new social group in Gwent, which I love.

What the future holds

Don’t know!

I would like to learn to swim again and carry on volunteering in the Blackwood group.