Carers Services

Brain injury happens to the whole family, not just the individual.

It can happen to anyone, at any time.  There is no time to adjust or plan.  You are thrown in at the deep end.

We aim to support families by providing information, signposting to other services, offering emotional & practical support, as well as the opportunity to meet with other people to share experiences.

Here are some of the more common issues that families are faced with:

• Practical & financial stresses

• Change in role – partner/parent  to care giver

• Personality changes in the survivor

• Lack of understanding and therefore support from the wider network of family and friends particularly regarding the ‘hidden disabilities’

• Isolation

• Lack of knowledge about the effects of brain injury

• The lack of insight on the part of the survivor into the changes that have occurred.

• Guilt

• Grief for the loss of the person and the life you had.



We hold regular monthly events on week day evenings in the Recreation Hall, Rookwood Hospital.

This small and friendly group offers people the opportunity to talk to other carers and share what they have found works and what doesn’t. The opportunity to share laughs with people who really 'get it' or to cry without feeling the need to explain or excuse yourself.

Family members and friends are all welcome whether the injury is recent or many years ago. 
However we ask that survivors do not attend as their presence changes the dynamic of the evening and can inhibit people from speaking freely.

Most months we will invite a brain injury related professional along to lead the discussion, but there is plenty of time for general chatting.

If you would like to be included on our e-mail or postal mailing list, please contact us on

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